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Jon is a founding member of Hamster Theatre; a somewhat avant-guard, somewhat folksy, instrumental group from Boulder/Denver. Hamster Theatre continues to compose, rehearse, perform and record.


Kombi performs Zimbabwe-influenced music and is the premiere performing ensemble of the Kutandara Center in Boulder, CO. Jon had played trombone with Kutandara Marimba Experience for 7 years, then in 2013 as the band was restructuring, Jon was invited to play drum set for a small-combo version of the band.


Jon has enjoyed playing music-theater gigs ever since his first pit band experiences in high school. He first played at the BDT Stage (formerly, Boulder Dinner Theater) back in 1990. In recent years he rejoined music director Neal Dunfee, and the rest of the pit band as guitarist and bass guitar sub.

Digital line drawing of Jon Stubbs playing the trombone, on digital watercolor paper, by Salomé Starbuck