Jon Stubbs is a versatile and innovative teacher, multi-instrumentalist, composer, and arranger living in Colorado.

Throughout 16 years of teaching instrumental music in schools, Jon has empowered hundreds of students to achieve their unique goals, explore creativity, and reach new artistic levels with their instruments. He continues to teach privately in Lafayette and surrounding areas.

Jon performs and composes music for instrumental groups, theater and dance productions, and television series. He is a founding member of the legendary Hamster Theatre band. He performs with the Zimbabwe-influenced Kombi and Kutandara bands, and plays in the BDT Stage pit orchestra.

Jon also provides a range of audio & music services; including composition, arranging, audio recording, mixing and mastering. He strives to create music with richly satisfying melodies, compelling harmony, innovative rhythmic ideas, and beautiful sound.

Digital line drawing of Jon Stubbs playing the trombone, on digital watercolor paper, by Salomé Starbuck